​Our New Family & Friends

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   I purchased a chihuahua from Ratliff a few years ago. The female I got, Loves Everyone!!!. Shes almost human!!!. She's healthy and happy!!. She says" I wov u" and dances,sits, lays down when told with snacks. When I was sick she tucked a blanket around my feet with her nose, while I was sitting up in my chair. She loves life. She goes to sleep under the covers either in my bed or my sons bed. She "Cece" is the BEST dog I've ever had!!!. I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing a dog from Johnathan Ratliff. to anyone looking to get a dog.      Arlid 

   Luna came to join our family a year ago this month, (after months of searching she was my Birthday gift from my husband) and from the moment she got off the plane I knew she was going to be my new best friend. Over the year we have become inseparable, we go everywhere together and have the best times. She is smart, goofy, and so loving. 
Jonathan and Glenda Ratliff have been there with us every step of the way. They ask questions, send Birthday wishes and are genuinely interested in her welfare. I couldn't be more pleased with how they run their buisness, They cared for Luna like she was a part of their family, so when she got to our home she slid right into our family. We love her and are so glad we found PUPPIES BY RATLIFF!!! 
Thank you, Mindy 

   It is with extreme pleasure and pride that I come to give testimony as to what a phenominal little Chihuahua it is my extreme pleasure to call my own. Now, that being said, on to my precious "Little John", aka "Johnny", "John Boy" "Lil' Jon", etc. He is a long-haired golden boy, that is charming enough to melt anyone's heart. Most dogs have some kind of a noticeable personality to them, but he has MUNDO personality. He loves to lay up around my neck, or underneath the covers at bedtime, plays with a large variety of toys, and knows what each toy is, for example, if we ask him where 'kitty' is, he'll go bring us that toy. Not only will he bring it to us, he climbs up on our lap, with his face in ours, and we have to kiss him on the nose, before he'll go play. He's also got this special noise that he makes; sort of "gnaw" noise, when he wants to play or get our attention. He spreads his love around, but thankfully, is partial to me. When I called Jonathan Ratliff, I told him about losing my other Chihuahua's affections to my husband, and thankfully, Johnny is ALL MINE. I cannot sing his praises enough or about how intelligent he is. Besides all that, he's absolutely gorgeous, with his long, silky, curly, golden hair.   Joan 

In Oct. 2010 we purchased a darling little male Chihuahua from Jonathan & Glenda Rattliff. We wanted a tiny Chihuahua and Jonathan said that this little fella would stay small.(He has) We already had one 3 lb. male that we had purchased about 3 yrs. prior from a different breeder and had had nothing but problems, but wanted a "playmate" for the little guy. It was obvious upon meeting Jonathan that his puppies were spoiled rotten before they ever left him and that is exactly what we wanted. "Scooter" is now approaching 2 years old (Feb 23rd) and there has never been one minute that we regretted our decision to "Adopt" from the Ratliff's. He was very easy to house train, and he is extremely smart and OH SO LOVING. We call him our "Equal opportunity boy" because he "shares himself" with both my husband and myself - he lays on my lap part of the evening and on my husbands the other half. He will cuddle up one night in my bed and the next in my husbands. Scooter is an excellent watch dog - he will bark to alert us of company, unfortunately he is so much a lover that the ONLY thing he would ever do is kiss the intruder to death! I am a retired dog groomer and have been around many Chihuahua's in my time, but I have never met a sweeter or more precious little guy than ours. We WILL be adopting from Jonathan again. This is the ONLY breeder that I would trust. He doesn’t "sell" puppies like they are "products" - he (and Glenda) love their babies and it is proven in the way the pups turn out. THANK YOU JONATHAN AND GLENDA! We WILL see you again!

The Shelton's

Dear Jonathan,
 My testimonial: Im writing this in reference to a puppy that I bought from you 2 years ago. Her name was Amber, however we now call her Mitzy. Mitzy came to us via plane in a kennel with bedding, food, water, toy, and a blanket which I wrapped the puppy in after I took her out of her kennel. Mitzy is a very sweet, lovable, shy dog. She loves to be held like a baby and have her belly rubbed. She fit in with the other small dogs in my family. All my kids love her and she is truly part of our family, she sleeps in bed with me . She has a beautiful soft, silky, shiny coat! She is the picture of health in every way! She's now a two-year old chihuahua and we wouldn't trade her for anything. When I received Mitzy, she also came with a folder of information on what she eats and several business cards so that I could contact Mr. Ratliff. We had a very pleasant conversation and he answered all the questions that I asked. We have since talked and again it was a very pleasant conversation, which went on for about an hour or more! He and his wife truly love these puppies/dogs and I would not hesitate in telling people that they are the real deal and they sell good quality puppies! -Robin C, Menomonie WI
I purchased 2 gorgeous tamaskan boys, Lykan and Anubis, from Jon & Glenda almost a year ago now. since then i have become so attached to and in love with these dogs, its become the only breed i ever want, i know ill always want one in the family. So smart, so sweet, and jons puppies are definitely BIG healthy doggies. when comparing notes with other tamaskan owners ive chatted with, my boys have always impressed with their size and weve never had any healthy issues. theyre just very happy fellas and LOVE our 2 & 8 Year old kids. they watch them very closely when everyones playing, if were out in the front yard and a stranger walks by on the sidewalk, the boys will go stand between the kids and the new person. just very watchful dogs, great with kids. i couldnt be more satisfied with my choice in a breeder. ill be sure to keep my testimonials updated, but its looking great in our home. we love them like theyre our own kids. a tamaskan is a dog you will love to a whole new extreme youve never loved another pet. theyre very sepcial. - Dolly & Jerret from Plainfield Indian
I had wanted a dog for years… and once my daughter had turned 2, I finally decided it was time to look for a puppy. My fiancé said that he loved Siberian Husky’s because of how they looked like wolves. After doing my research on the breed I realized that Husky’s were not the best fit for us as they can be unpredictable at times. So I Googled “Dogs that look like Wolves” and that is when I first heard of the Tamaskan breed. The more I read about them the more I knew that this was the breed for me. I clicked a link for Tamaskan breeders and that’s when I came across Puppies by Ratliff. I decided to call to inquire about a puppy and from the moment he got on the phone I could tell Jonathan knew what he was doing. He was very friendly, answered all my questions and I could just tell he cared very much about his dogs and the puppies. Tatum was born on 5/10/12 to Ivy and for the 8 weeks that followed, Jonathan and Glenda posted pictures and sent me e-mails updating me on her health and growth. I was so impressed by how dedicated they were and the customer service they showed me that I drove all the way from Rhode Island to Missouri just to meet them and shake their hand. (and to pick up Tatum of course). Tatum is a beautiful girl and she has the greatest temperament any dog owner could ask for. She is so smart. She LOVES everyone, is wonderful with my kids, and is friendly will all other dogs. Everywhere I go people will stop and ask about her; complimenting on her beauty and demeanor. Even now Jonathan and Glenda still help me out with any question I may have and routinely check in to see how Tatum is doing. Buying a Tamaskan puppy was such an positive experience and I am very happy with my decision to buy a puppy from Ratliff. I plan to one day get another puppy and I will most definitely be buying from Jonathan and Glenda again. 
After owning a male Tamaskan for about 6 months we decide we wanted to get a playmate for him of the same breed. After contacting Jonathan and Glenda we placed a deposit. Twilight is a wonderful dog. She was a perfect match for our other Tamaskan. She goes to work with me at a dog daycare and plays well with various sizes and breeds! These dogs are great with children and other pets as well. Jonathan and Glenda are wonderful people who truly love there dogs and care about there puppies after they have left there home. Twilight came to us with no health problems and now at 8 months old she has yet to have a health issue of any kind. Our experience getting a puppy from the Ratliff's was all around a pleasant experience! I hope to always have a Tamaskan in our household. Thank you Jonathan and Glenda for all that you do to ensure these puppies get the best start possible at life before coming to there new homes!  
Mistie and Joe
Johnathan and Glenda Ratliff where very helpful from the first email to even now if I need questions answered or just advice I find that they are only an email away. I was and am still very pleased with the enthusiasm and rapid responses to any question I had or still have. After all my questions prior to me deciding, Jonathan was undoubtedly the friendliest and most willing to help me make an informed decision. What I liked best about the Ratliff's was that they truly enjoyed telling and showing off there beautiful animals, they definitely cared about the well being of the puppies (ours and theirs) and like I said before, they were excited to help spread information about this rare wonderful breed. Now on to the best part of meeting the Ratliff's my newest member of the family Beo. Beo is such a wonderful puppy he is very very smart, and everyone that meets him falls in love with him on sight. If his physical appearance doesn't get to you then his friendliness will melt your heart. He has such an unique personality that will make you smile or laugh, in a matter of minutes my family was in love with him and they always make sure I bring him when I visit (I'm beginning to think they're more excited to see him than me haha). Prior to me picking him up, the Ratliff's posted video's and picture so that we could see their progress. They took very good care of them and were first and foremost concerned with the health and well being of the puppy. This summer was especially hard due to the high heat temperatures but they spoiled the puppies with A/C so that they remained healthy. When I picked Beo up they gave me advice and answered any questions I might still have had making sure that I had all the tools I needed to maintain the well being of my puppy. My over all experience with the Ratliff's was very pleasing, I would definitely do business with them again. To this day when people meet my puppy Beo if they seem remotely interested in getting a puppy like mine or ask where I gotten him, I don't hesitate to point them out their website or hand out a referral business card with the Ratliff's information. Thank you Jonathan and Glenda for my wonderful new family member I honestly couldn't have asked for a better companion and you guys really made it a wonderful experience.
Thanks again,

Dear Jonathan,
I have been researching dogs for about a year looking for my next breed. I have raised dogs before but they were never really my own so I wanted one that was really special. At first, I thought that I wanted a hybrid wolf but after reading about the unpredictable nature I started looking at other options. When I first looked for wolves, Puppies By Ratliff was actually the first site that I looked at but at the time, I was set on getting a wolf. However, I noticed that the hybrids didn’t really have the look of the wolf, but more like the breed they were mixed with. Add to that the Dog Whisperer special about Hybrids and I knew that I needed another option. My friend told me about Tamaskans and again, I found your site. I sent you a message through the site and immediately received a call. After a 20 minute conversation with you and I was hooked! I picked up my little Arya in November 2013 and even though she is shy of 3 months, she has already demonstrated her love and sweet nature. To top it off, she is probably the most intelligent dog I have ever worked with. She has master the basic commands plus a few fun ones to show off. I find myself thinking of new things to teach her just to keep up with her! Unlike other breeders, you care about what happens to your pups after they are off with their new family and you have proven that you will be there for them no matter what! I am so happy with my puppy and I would recommend you to anyone who is thinking of getting a great family dog that will be a joy to whoever meets them! I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful experience!
Donte Tanner (Arya)
We saw the Tamaskan breed and fell in love. We researched different breeders but knew we had the right one when we talked to Jonathan Ratliff. He was so friendly, knowledgeable and you could tell he really cares about his dogs. While we waited for the next available litter we received regular updates from Jonathan and Glenda. We were so excited to meet our little girl. From the birth announcement to pictures, videos and planning the day to pick up our little girl, Jonathan and Glenda kept in constant communication with us. Our little girl is perfect! She is healthy and growing so quickly, she is going to be a big girl! We are so excited for the future and are so happy we chose Puppies by Ratliff.
Barbara and Pieter
IIn November of 2013, we welcomed our beautiful baby girl Kimber to our family. Jonathan and Glenda have been absolutely terrific throughout the entire process. My husband and I knew we wanted another dog but were having a difficult time in finding a breed that was right for us. We had a Great Dane named Memphis who passed due to a spinal condition which is unfortunately a common occurence with that breed and we knew that we could not go through that type of loss again. However, we also knew that we had to get another puppy. I have always loved the look of the wolf and out of sheer boredom I Googled "dogs that look like wolves" and I came across the Tamaskan breed and Puppies by Ratliff. I searched a few other websites and decided that I would call Puppies by Ratliff to obtain more information. I spoke with Jonathan and immediately knew he was the breeder for us. Jonathan and Glenda genuinely care about their puppies and their well being. They kept us informed and updated every step of the way via email, phone calls, Facebook and their website. They make themselves available and are happy to answer any questions that we may have had. We now have our beautiful baby girl and could not be happier. Thanks so much Jonathan and Glenda you guys are AWESOME!
We’ve had our Tamaskan pup, Sansa, for just over a week now and couldn’t be happier. She gets along well with everyone in the family, including my 7 year old German shepherd. She is also socializing well with my friends and their pets. She is your typical puppy that loves to play, chew on stuff and run around the yard. I work from home, so I am able to give her plenty of attention. When I’m not home there’s always someone else to watch her. I’m beginning to see this breed forms strong bonds with their owners and that they love to be around others. Also, my veterinarian said she was healthy when I took her in. 
My experience with the breeder was excellent, Jonathan was professional and worked with me to get exactly the pup I was looking for. I wanted a lighter colored pup (white and grey) and was very happy with my pick. I also appreciate all the videos and professional quality pictures posted on their website and facebook page. I will think of them the next time I want a dog, it was a pleasure doing business with them.