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Waiting list for litters this summer 2020 and spring 2021:
Sequoia and Sage are Expecting Aug  2020

Sequoia had 5 puppies on 8-4-20  3 males 2 females

1. Joe                male
2. Brandon       male
3. Hunter          male
4. Stefanie        male
5. David            male
6. Pauline         m or f
7. Zach             m or f
8. Ludivico       m or f        (2nd from us)
9. Colin             male          (2nd from us)
10. Colin           m or f        (3rd from us)
11. David          male
12. Casey         female      (2nd from us)
13. David          m or f       (2nd from us)
14. Melissa       m or f
15. Austin         male
16. John           m or f