***If you would like to be placed on a list, Please let us know.
***Placing a deposit is $400.  
***If you place the full $1250, you get pick of the litter after the person in front of you picks their puppy.  As persons pay off the total they get to hold their spot on the list.

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Please let us know if you have any questions, from our "Contact us" page.

 Thank you, to everyone who has purchased a puppy from our "Tamaskan Litters"   We have made some wonderful new friends. 

*Please keep us posted on how your little ones are doing. So we can share your wonderful experiences with other future Tamaskan owners...
The proud parents from our current litters

1.    Sarah        Male  Has adopted Blue
2.    Crystal       Male  Has adopted Orange
3.    Brian         Male  Has adopted Green
4.    Bobby       Male  Has adopted Black
5.    Bobby       Female  Has adopted Yellow
6.    Melissa     Male    
7.    Carole      Female Has adopted Tan 
8.    Alicja        Male      
9.    Marian      Female
10.  Colin         Female
11.  Chris         Male
Wanting to wait for a later litter.

1. Joshua        (male)           
2. Grace         (male)               
3. Branson      (male)              
4. Kora            (female)        
5. Barbara      (male or female)
Margo and Red Cloud had 8 puppies 5 Males and 3 Females
Samaire and Red Cloud had 3 puppies 2 Males and 1 Female
   We had 2 litters on June 16th 2014