***If you would like to be placed on a list, Please let us know.
***Placing a deposit is $750.  
***If you place the full $1350, you hold your spot on the list.
Please use our contact us page or contact us by phone.  Information is on our Contact us page

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Please let us know if you have any questions, from our "Contact us" page.

 Thank you, to everyone who has purchased a puppy from our "Tamaskan Litters"   We have made some wonderful new friends.   

We are proud to have 27 families who now have adopted 2 of our Tamaskan babies over the 6 years we have been breeding.

*Please keep us posted on how your little ones are doing. So we can share your wonderful experiences with other future Tamaskan owners... 

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If you are wanting to adopt a puppy and get on our current list.  Please contact us now... Planned litters this Fall 2017.

List Started For Planned Fall Litters:
1. Dylan  wants a Male
2. Jamie  wants a Male
3. Henry  wants a Male
4. Kate    wants a Female 
5. Jonathan wants a Male
6. Erin    wants a Male
7. Allison  wants a Male or Female
8. Wayne    wants a Male or Female  

Rachel          Deposit
Karlina          Deposit
Myles        (M)  PIF