***If you would like to be placed on a list, Please let us know.
***Placing a deposit is $750.  
***If you place the full $1350, you hold your spot on the list.
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 Thank you, to everyone who has purchased a puppy from our "Tamaskan Litters"   We have made some wonderful new friends. 

*Please keep us posted on how your little ones are doing. So we can share your wonderful experiences with other future Tamaskan owners...
 Adoption list of our current litters:

1.   Cristina / Alex          Female          Adopted     Margo's       Purple
2.   Cody / Lexie             Female          Adopted     Samaire's    Yellow
3.   Leanna                      Male              Adopted     Briar's          Black
4.   Shawn / Ashley        Female          Adopted     Margo's        Red
5.   Taylor                        Male              Adopted     Briar's          Orange
6.   Shannon                   Female          Adopted     Samaire's     Brown
7.   Ryan / Emily             Female          Adopted     Samaire's     Green
8.   Matthew                    Male              Adopted     Samaire's     White
9.   Jamie / Josh             Male              Adopted     Briar's           Light Blue
10. Jen / Vince                Male              Adopted     Margo's        Green
11. Crystal / Dane           Male              Adopted     Margo's        Yellow
12. Lisa / Sean                Female          Adopted     Margo's        Orange
13. Elizabeth                   Male              Adopted     Margo's        Brown
14. Stephane                   Female         Adopted     Margo's        Blue
15. Rachel / Jeff              Male             Adopted      Briar's          Blue
16. Samantha                  Male             Adopted      Briar's          Purple
17. Michael / Christina    Male            Adopted      Briar's          Red
18. Troy / Shayna            Female        Adopted      Samaire's     Black
19. Corbin                        Female        Adopted      Samaire's     Light Blue

Rachel          Deposit
Karlina          Deposit