***If you would like to be placed on a list, Please let us know.
***Placing a deposit is $750(as of 11-1-15).  
***If you place the full $1500 (as of 11-1-15), you hold your spot on the list.
Please use our contact us page or contact us by phone.  Information is on our Contact us page

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Please let us know if you have any questions, from our "Contact us" page.

 Thank you, to everyone who has purchased a puppy from our "Tamaskan Litters"   We have made some wonderful new friends. 

*Please keep us posted on how your little ones are doing. So we can share your wonderful experiences with other future Tamaskan owners...
Persons wanting a puppy from our current and next litters:

Colin             Male         Adopted        Purple         Samaire Litter
Richard         Male        Adopted        Yellow         Margo Litter
Kyle              Female    Adopted        Dark Green Margo Litter 
Will               Male        Adopted         White          Margo Litter
Andrew         Male       Adopted         Red              Samaire Litter
Elizabeth      Male        Adopted         Lime Green Samaire Litter
AJ                 Female   Adopted          Orange        Margo Litter
Anthony        Male       Adopted          Brown         Margo Litter
Anthony       Female    Adopted         Tan               Samaire Litter
Tara               Male        Adopted        Tan              Margo Litter
Marline          Female   Adopted         Brown         Samaire Litter
Daniel           Female    Adopted         White          Samaire Litter 
Tommy          Female    Adopted        Yellow         Samaire Litter
Paul              Female     Adopted        Pink            Samaire Litter
Matt              Female     Adopted        Blue            Margo Litter
Marina          Waiting for our next litter
Rachel          Deposit
Ariel              Deposit
Karlina          Deposit
Ben               Deposit

Somaire and Darwin are the proud parents of  3 males and 5 females born on 10-9-15.

Margo and Darwin are the proud parents of 4 males and 3 females born on 10-14-15.