"TIMBER"             Male  
     (enjoying retirement)    

We want to share the love that so many have come to know.  Their new puppy, This new rare breed  "The Tamaskan".  We have made wonderful friends over the years, and are always happy to visit and see pictures... We now even get to see videos of our little ones.  We have been, and will continue to answer any questions you may have about (our) your little ones and this wonderful breed. We want to Thank everyone for joining our little family, and look forward to meeting new people who want to share there love with this new beautiful breed... "The Tamaskan".  Jonathan and Glenda Ratliff
"Ivy"    (enjoying retirement)     Female

"Willow"  (enjoying retirement)  Female
"DARWIN"         Breeding  Male

Parents:  Night Owl / Alba Sverical
"Briar"  Enjoying Retirement

Parents: Timber / Willow
"Samaire"  Enjoying Retirement.

Parents: Timber / Willow
​"Margo" Enjoying Retirement

Parents:  Timber / Ivy
"The Originals"
"The Next Generation"
Here are some photos of the kids in the snow.
We hope you enjoyed the photos.  We will be posting more photos and videos soon.  So please visit again.
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"SEQUOIA"  Breeding Female
Passed:   OFA
Parents:  Timber / Willow

"SAGE"  Breeding Female
Passed: OFA
Parents:  Timber / Willow

"ODESSA"  Breeding Female

Parents:  Timber / Willow